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New Brand Chichia Arrives at Helo Eco


We love sourcing new designers and are passionate about boosting local trade in developing communities. So we were very excited to have discovered new brand Chichia – a London label who produces and sources fabric in East Africa. The label has teamed up with Made by Africa to produce their latest collection Chichia: Made by Africa.

About Chichia

London based, Tanzanian designer Christine Mhando is creative director of Chichia and draws inspiration from the two continents in which she was raised.

The label’s signature style transpires from the artful application of the “Khanga”, a traditional east African cotton printed fabric used by local women as wraps, table cloths, and household fabric. Mhando fell in love with the colourful print and pattern of this traditional fabric and uses it mixed in with contemporary shapes and form to create beautiful garments made for the modern woman.

Chichia has fast become one to watch on the London Fashion Week circuit showcasing in fashion events such as Untold and Fashion Diversity. Exhibiting at Swahili Fashion week in 2009 and 2010 consecutively, Chichia has been recognised as an international African designer who modernises and transforms traditional illustrative East African textiles into stylish and considered fashionable attire.

About Made by Africa

Made by Africa is a uniquely African produced concept label that produces high quality jersey fashion for men and women. Launched in 2009 the brand is quickly becoming the newest trendsetter in the Tanzanian Fashion industry.

Manufacturing in Africa is at the heart of the label’s concept. The brand’s design ethos supports local talent, creating high quality ethically produced knitted garments using a selection of locally sourced materials that rejuvenates and revives the perception of everyday basics.

Shop the Chichia collection here


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