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The entrepreneur in us all!


With no signs of waving good bye to the recession any time soon I’ve come across a number of people hitting their mid to late twenties frustrated, broke and hitting brick walls looking for a real solid career path they can move along and ultimately feel proud of. From leaving University people are finding it hard to find a career they feel passionate about. With a rising number of redundancies and limited graduate schemes, young people today are faced with many challenges when looking to embark on an exciting career. Bored of looking at a number of unfulfilling roles to pay the rent doesn’t add up for many and it didn’t for me. In a time where the economy is crying out for growth and development is there an entrepreneur in us all and how do we tap into it?

After University I worked for an independent ethical fashion boutique eventually becoming manager. I have always had a strong interest in ethical and eco fashion, but became frustrated at the lack of availability and presence of it in mainstream fashion. I felt that I couldn’t be the only person who wanted clothes that didn’t compromise the basic standards of workers human rights or clothing that was contaminated with chemicals. I figured as a culture we care about what we put inside our bodies, why should it be any different what goes on our bodies?

After a year and a half I decided to leave my job with only a few hundred pound savings to follow a dream that was screaming at me from within. I contacted a handful of my favourite ethical and eco fashion designers to put together a summer collection for launch and Helo Eco was born. Derived from the first two letters of my first and last name, it is time to say Helo to the world!

I believe there is an entrepreneur in us all if you want it badly enough. In a time of excessive University fees and lack of jobs for graduates I believe you should seriously think about whether you need a degree. If you have a burning desire and are passionate enough about something you should follow your dreams whatever they are. Go for it, enjoy the ride and see where your passion takes you!

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