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What is Ethical Fashion?


Ethical fashion refers to a moral outlook on the preparation, production and distribution of clothing and simultaneously creating a minimal impact on the environment.

It can refer to the treatment of those physically producing the clothing, and it can also refer to the environmental impacts and possible health implications surrounding the fabrics. It also refers to the way in which the clothing is produced and how it has reached the consumer.

Generally speaking, we would expect an item of ethical clothing to have been produced lawfully, non-exploitative towards those who made it, and with minimal environmental impacts with regards to production and transportation.

Be it clothing classed as fair trade, sustainable, non-exploitative, non-toxic, vegan, recycled, upcycled…all these keywords adhere to a common goal or belief: the production of fashion with a direction towards less harmful and exploitative practises, and contributing to a healthier and more harmonious world.

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